Inviter Proximity Mobile Marketing

The future is Mobile. For many, it is the gateway to the Internet. As the world becomes increasingly mobile, many digital
marketers seek to reach mobile audiences in real-time with relevant messaging that drives results they can measure.

Meet Inviter. The latest generation Bluetooth Proximity Mobile Marketing system that allows you to broadcast messages to almost any Android device that is located within a 300-metre around your business location at any time.

Inviter allows businesses to connect with an audience on their smartphones and tablets and take them on an interactive customer journey and user experience.

Inviter devices broadcast a short message of 40 characters and a URL to Bluetooth enabled Android smart devices and tablets with up to a 300m of signal sending range using Bluetooth push technology. Recipients receive an auto opt-in notification allowing them to accept or reject to receive the content in compliance with Spam and Privacy regulations and legislation, making the Inviter System a fully permission-based marketing medium. View our official spam compliance letter

Who is using Inviter ?

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